Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Monique!

These are the cupcakes that Mo built. She wanted to bring something for her class today, so we baked cupcakes last night when I got home from Natalea's first basketball game. More on that in a minute.
This one's for Kelly Purkey...who always seems to have a cupcake on her blog at least once a week! Don't expect any jumping photos though...hehe.
Plain old chocolate fudge cake mix with white frosting. And then...
Add in the Neon colored Frosting Gel and with a toothpick you get a tie-dyed cupcake! Thanks to Family Fun, I found this easy recipe for these babies. The girls really had a blast decorating them and they only cost about $5 for the whole project!
Last weekend we went to Statesboro and found a Hallmark store. Bad idea. I picked up this year's assortment of ornaments. Just think, in another 5 years, Erik will be 18 and have just as many ornaments to cover his own tree!
Tommy got the ESPN one, Erik wanted JD, and Natalea got HSM, Gabby got Scooby, and Mo got the Grinch. And all but the boys' are musical. I almost woke the house up when I took this as Natalea's was singing.

Natalea's first game...I'll post photos tomorrow after I have more time to edit them...went well. The girls lost 22-24 to Toombs County, but played a damn good game. I thought I was watching a boys high school game, they were so rough. And fouls...OH MAN!! Brought me back to the high school days for sure!
SPEAKING OF WHICH...NEAL FOX will have a birthday this weekend I think on the 17th. My memory has faded some, but I think it's the 17th...maybe it's the's soon I know!!
So, Happy Birthday Neal Fox...I must email him a card!
This week has been busy so far...I'm glad it's Thursday. One more work day then we can party!!
We are taking Mo and the kids for a game of bowling for her birthday, depending on if Tommy has to work or not will depend on which day. Then we'll rent movies and have a movie night at home with popcorn and theater candy!
Tiff..if you read this..holler at guys wanna go??
The grades are still at 94% average...GO ME!! The term is half over now and I am confident I can do this!!
Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

omg granny forgot mo-mo's birthday...will get a card and sent it the meantime....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MO!!!!!!!!!. GRANDMA