Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Friday

It's about time. I have been waiting for Friday all week long.
For several reasons.
I want this week in school to be over and soon.
My Project 1 is due on Sunday at midnight and so is my regular assignment in my Intro to Graphic Design class. So far, I have a 95 in that class. It's mid-term, anything can happen.
But I'm still floating above the water.
I'm pretty much done with my other 2 classes for the week, I have a mid-term exam in my Management class. I'm saving that for Sunday as well.

Saturday I get to go scrap with my boss's wife. She's hosting a crop. She's also my Creative Memories consultant. Tonight, I'll pack up my stuff or some of it anyway. I have a couple things I need to work on, like Remmy's book. He might get it by Christmas. Hehe.
I have the concept down, just have to figure out how it's gotta go together and how to hide those photos and make it sturdy enough for him to play with.

Sunday will bring some relaxation and house cleaning. I have these boxes in my livingroom that I need to get unpacked and sorted and moved out to the shed.
And I have some tests to take.
And assignments to submit.
By midnight, Mountain time.

Happy Friday.
I'm off to work-hopefully my boss won't wait until the last minute to get work done.

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