Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mo's Birthday Celebration

Dual Bowling. Like Dual Banjos. Shortly after this, they were schooled on Bowling Etiquette. We went to Vidalia to bowl this game.

Mo thinks that if you lean, the ball will follow. It does.

DQ Cake from Reidsville. No monkeys allowed. Heh.
Poor Baby! Someone wore her Monkey self out! She got this monkey blanket and backrest along with the Kung Fu Panda movie. She's watched it 20 times already.
School update...I got an A on my big project in Graphic Design class.
My grade in there is a 98%.
Go ME!
91% in Management and 94% in Success Strategies.
Go ME!

Planning our trip to Atlanta this week too. We'll be staying downtown Atlanta I think. The kids are off school the day Lynn flies in so that worked out perfectly.
More details to follow...

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