Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Big 4-0!

Today I have lived for 40 years.  At 3:31PM I will be EXACTLY 40 years old.  It seems like yesterday that I was just a little girl living in north Minneapolis and starting Kindergarten at Hamilton Elementary School with Mr. Olson as the Principal.  My childhood is filled with TONS of memories and I'm fortunate to still remember most of them as my long term memory is awesome, but that short term stuff gets lost in minutes.  All of my childhood birthdays were made special...even the teenage ones.  After all, it is MY day and it's the ONLY one I get to celebrate just being ME.  I try to instill this upon my children as they grow up and we try to do something special for each of them on THEIR day.  Today though, we have no special plans and I'm still trying to decide how I want to spend my day after I get done with work.  I do get to go to lunch with my mom, brother, and niece today.  After work I am headed to the high school to catch up with my favorite English teacher Bil (with one L) Hoff.  His birthday is tomorrow. 

So at 40 I embrace my age as I always have, and I look forward to the next 40 years and the suprises of life and living.  Life truly is too short not to embrace and live it.  I've always loved my special day and I always will. 
So at 40 here are my some of my current favorites:
Favorite Color:  Blue, any shade
Favorite Number:  2, because it's my birth day
Favorite Hobby:  Scrapbooking and Photography, you can't scrap what you don't shoot!
Favorite Musician:  My dad still, and George Michael second ONLY to my dad. :)
Favorite Actor:  Tyler Perry,  Madea is near and dear to my heart after living in Georgiarrrrr.
Favorite Food:  Lasagna still.  It's the only thing that rhymes with my name.
Favorite Drink:  Water for non-alcoholic and Sex On The Beach for alcoholic.
Favorite Sport:  Football, then Surfing.  LOVE to watch both.
Favorite Scrapbooking Manufacturer:  Currently, Little Yellow Bicycle (Thanks to Kim Kesti and Tania Willis!)
Favorite Local News Anchor:  Don Shelby, WCCO.  He is retiring in November after 30+ years.  He's been with me almost my whole life.  I will miss you Don!
Favorite Team:  Minnesota Vikings.  Then the Twins.  Timberwolves.  Wild.  Lynx.  In that order.

So that's all for now.  It's raining outside this morning, but in my world the sun is shining today. 
A BIG THANK YOU to my parents for giving me life. :)