Friday, February 27, 2009

75 and Sunny

That's what the weather is like in our neck of the woods.
I hear there's snowstorms a brewin' for the northern folk.
Have fun and drive safe!
We wish you were here!
(Not to rub it in or anything)

Apparently you see results when you email the State Director of Special Education.
Erik started his testing yesterday and will complete it next week as he's feeling a bit under the weather today so he'll stay home.

He brough home a high school graduation track sheet with the names of the classes he's required to take, along with the electives.
He's thinking he wants Foundations of Engineering and Technology.
And maybe Forest Science or Basic Agriculture Science. Or Body Sculpting. (WTH is THAT?)
Weightlifting he tells me. A class. Go FIGURE!

Anyway, they have Career of them is Forestry/Natural Resources and another is Plant Science/Horticulture. Kinda cool actually that they have it broken down into careers like that. He advised me he's staying away from the Family/Consumer Science things this no Home Ec. for him. I told him he could take cooking class..he just shook his head!

They also have an option to take regular classes or accelerated. We chose to take the regular for right now. We'll see how that goes and if he's bored I can always insist on moving him up or getting him into the accelerated program his sophomore year. That's dependent on his test scores, teacher recommendations, and past academic performance.

Orientation is next week at the high school.
Tommy starts the prison Monday.
Last week of Algebra is next week.
It's Friday.
O Happy Day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Counting Down

I am counting down the days until my last class of Algebra.
You KNOW that I will do my damnedist to be done wayyyyy before March 8th.
C'est LaVie Baby!

As for my other classes, I wish that the Illustrator class was longer so we could learn more.
I need way more time to process and digest that one.
Maybe on my spring break I'll concentrate on that some more.
After I get my scraproom RE-organized.
And maybe painted.

As for right now though, we have a busy weekend ahead of us.
I with my studyin' and Erik with his Scoutin'.
The girls will be stuck to the tv with our newly hooked up Direct TV like flies on spit.
Tom will putz around and then there's that birthday party on Saturday.
Can I have a moment please?
I wish life would slow down, but I think I'm in for a long haul of busy-ness.
Oh and did I mention that baseball game tomorrow night?
Yeah, busy-ness.

Happy Thursday...Go BE...productive, alive, and well!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reflecting On #10

I have a new #10 in my life.
Sorry Neal Fox, but you've been replaced darlin'.
I knew this day would come, but I didn't think it'd be this soon.
My son picked #10 not by choice, but because it was the only jersey big enough for him.
He's the biggest kid on the team.
Coach Maybin calls him in Freight Train!
All the coaches like Erik, actually.
He works hard and plays hard and gives 110% everytime.
And he encourages the other boys to do the same.
He's got team spirit, yes he does.

I think I'll cherish these moments for a while.
In 4 short years, he'll be an 18 year old man.
My other #10 is already a dad and old man.
Sad, but true. Where did that time go?
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Crack Dog

Yep, the dog is saying, "Crack Kills."
Somehow I don't think she is talking about the drug Crack.
Kids were playing CSI one day...these are ACTUALLY plaster for the stepping stone kit I got for the girls before Christmas. It's now classified as Evidence.
Too much Crack, will get you these things outta your children.
Pull your britches up.
Crack Kills.
At least they have an imagination, creativity, AND a sense of humor.
They are mine after all, aren't they?
(Tommy...Nobody cares!)
Erik said so. Heh.
Happy Monday!

Free Madea!

What an awesome movie!
We got there Saturday and 3 people from the window the damn movie had sold out!!!
So we trekked back on Sunday and were third in 3pm!! Crazy...and that one sold out as well as all the other showtimes!!

As always, there's a hidden message behind all that humor and you gotta love some crazy, funny, old lady disguise!!

OH...and most importantly, I'm in the movie...or my name is...TWICE!!! Watch the outtakes with Dr. Phil...crazy, off the hook, funny I tell ya!!

So my girl Whoopi Goldberg was in this...her and the ladies from The View had a cameo and Dr. Phil was there too. Lil Rudy from the Cosby Show was the star of the show though. That lil girl has evolved into her own. I hope we get to see more of her!

Tyler Perry...if you ever read this, PLEASE put Madea in her own show on tv! I already am going through Madea withdrawals!

Happy Monday....Go see that movie...I promise you will laugh your a$$ off!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Madea Goes To Jail

I received this in my inbox from Tyler Perry yesterday...WAY TOO FUNNY NOT to share with y'all...We're off to see the movie in about 2 minutes...I'll post my review tonight!

AND..while I'm on the subject of Tyler Perry...
Check out The Family That Preys too...we bought that at the Movie Gallery since we couldn't find it at Wal-Mart. It's a shame that he brings so much to Georgia, yet the Wal-Mart can't make a Madea Movie display. GO TP! We're prayin' for you honeychild!


Aurm, can you come down to County and put twenty dollas on my book. Girl Ibeen fightin' since I got in this place. They got women in this place with prostates...LOL. Antyway, come see me in MADEA GOES TO JAIL. The big housewill never be the’ll see.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Almost A Week

Ooops...I almost didn't post this week!!
We have been so dang busy...I'm ready for a vacation!
Matter of fact, I got my plane tickets to Minnesota to see my GodDaughter graduate.

Tommy is officially starting at the Prison on March 2nd at 7:15 a.m.
He'll give his notice at the chicken place Monday night.
He's only required to give a week's notice. Nice.

We're excited.
The kids are excited.
I promised them a Wii when and if he got hired. Heh. Joke's on me.

Anywho, Erik has a 50 inning game today. Actually it's 25 innings. A fundraiser of sorts.
Should be interesting anyway. It's a chilly 37 here as of right now. Heh.

Happy Friday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mind Your Manners Please! this is a TRUE story....I KID YOU NOT!!!!
Queasy stomachs need not continue.
We're at the Pizza Buffet place in Statesboro, you know the one...behind Lowe's.
I'm at the buffet...with an East Indian behind me and he's grabbing pizza like it's going out of style...WITH HIS FINGERS.
Don't use the spatula or nothin'.
Just don't.
His plate is HEAPING full...2 pieces fall on the floor.
You know what's next, don't ya.
He continues on through the line and sits down.

Now, I know I'm yankee and all, but I think it's world known that if something falls on the floor especially at a restaurant with 20,000 college kids around town, YOU DON'T EAT IT!!!
And he was with a girl...unknown if it was his mother, sister, or even worse...his girlfriend.
I ain't lyin' y'all.

I don't think I've ever been so appalled in my life.
But other than that, we had a great outting in the 'Boro.
And my son actually cuddled with me IN the restaurant.
I gotta take those times when I can lately.
He's getting to be to adult anymore for cuddlin' with mama.

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all.
Don't eat pizza offen the floor neither.
It's bad manners. ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Slices of Itineraries

Laying out itineraries for our trip...making decisions and enjoying a slice of sunshine.
Working on laundry and smelling the fresh outdoors in my blankets.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Watching Tyler Perry movies,
Getting homework done,
Algebra for Dummies is the one.

Saturdays with family,
and Sundays with scraps.
That's my kinda fun.

Ten years from now, I won't know what any of those words means.
That's ok, for now it'll work.
It'll be like secret agent code or something...maybe 007 can figure it out.
I doubt it...I'm more complex than that! BWAHHHHH!!!

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day Mom, Rem, Tess, Jon, Ashley, and Meg and Grandma!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Man this month has been packed with a bunch of crap to do.
I'm tired already and it's not even halfway through!

Tommy's still jumping through hoops to get started at the prison.
It's a slow process...good thing he didn't give his notice.
He had to get glasses and hearing aids. He's getting old and they ain't cheap.
Hello tax return, Goodbye tax return.

Good thing about the hearing aid guy, he's a Minnetonka boy.
That made it a little easier to hear that pricetag. But STILL.
It's highway robbery.

Happy Thursday.
3 more weeks of Algebra.
Pray for me. It's TOUGH.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lord, Hear My Prayer!

Please keep my friends and family safe,
Heal those that need it,
And touch those that don't.
Please let me pass my algebra class too.

Happy Monday.
Happy 15th Birthday Megan!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Erik!

My baby boy turns 14 today.
Where has the time gone?
In 4 more years he'll be a legal adult and a Senior in high school.
Seems like yesterday I was in labor for that 24 hours waiting for him to arrive.
Now he's a strapping young man who's still into John Deere.
(Please God, let that go on for 4 more years!)

Today is also Scout Sunday.
We are going to the church which sponsors Erik's troop for morning services.
Then we'll see after that what happens.
We decided to put off the bowling until next weekend.
Which we may have to go see Jason Tako at the Expo thing in South Carolina too.
We'll see.

You know it's been busy around here when I don't blog all week...sorry for that..but I was swamped this week! I did manage to take some "ME" time yesterday and scrap for 6 hours solid...that was a real treat...until Erik called and said they were home from Savannah and I had to come get him. Next time I'm staying til the end...and helping clean up...I didn't get to do that this time..but the girls that were there (there were 3 of us and Pam) are a HOOT I tell ya!!

Today it's church, homework, laundry (folding the mound in my room), more homework, know...a typical Sunday around here!

OH..and if anyone finds an ERTL Farm Country John Deere Dealership Set, please let me know. We are in search of it.

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Little Time

And so much to do!
This week is jam packed with stuff.
Tonight is boy scouts...
And school open house...
And baseball practice...
Tom has a dr. appointment today...
I have to work...
And school...
That's just for today.

The rest of the week looks the same.
More school...I have an Algebra mid-term and a Illustration Project due Sunday by midnight.
Thursday is more school open house (for the little girls)...
Friday is the school dance (which I am chaperoning)...
Saturday is crop day...
Sunday is Erik's birthday...he wants to go bowling...
All that wonder I've been up since 2:30 a.m.!

No matter which way I look, I can't get around it...but I'll try to let God carry me this week so I can get through.
Say a prayer for Tommy...he's got some vertigo-ish issues...we'll find out today what's going on. I'll be going to see Dr. Salvo with him to make sure things get done and to give my report.
I'm off now to create my superhero photo for my project...wish me luck!!
Happy Tuesday!