Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Madea!

What an awesome movie!
We got there Saturday and 3 people from the window the damn movie had sold out!!!
So we trekked back on Sunday and were third in 3pm!! Crazy...and that one sold out as well as all the other showtimes!!

As always, there's a hidden message behind all that humor and you gotta love some crazy, funny, old lady disguise!!

OH...and most importantly, I'm in the movie...or my name is...TWICE!!! Watch the outtakes with Dr. Phil...crazy, off the hook, funny I tell ya!!

So my girl Whoopi Goldberg was in this...her and the ladies from The View had a cameo and Dr. Phil was there too. Lil Rudy from the Cosby Show was the star of the show though. That lil girl has evolved into her own. I hope we get to see more of her!

Tyler Perry...if you ever read this, PLEASE put Madea in her own show on tv! I already am going through Madea withdrawals!

Happy Monday....Go see that movie...I promise you will laugh your a$$ off!!

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