Thursday, February 26, 2009

Counting Down

I am counting down the days until my last class of Algebra.
You KNOW that I will do my damnedist to be done wayyyyy before March 8th.
C'est LaVie Baby!

As for my other classes, I wish that the Illustrator class was longer so we could learn more.
I need way more time to process and digest that one.
Maybe on my spring break I'll concentrate on that some more.
After I get my scraproom RE-organized.
And maybe painted.

As for right now though, we have a busy weekend ahead of us.
I with my studyin' and Erik with his Scoutin'.
The girls will be stuck to the tv with our newly hooked up Direct TV like flies on spit.
Tom will putz around and then there's that birthday party on Saturday.
Can I have a moment please?
I wish life would slow down, but I think I'm in for a long haul of busy-ness.
Oh and did I mention that baseball game tomorrow night?
Yeah, busy-ness.

Happy Thursday...Go BE...productive, alive, and well!

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