Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Erik!

My baby boy turns 14 today.
Where has the time gone?
In 4 more years he'll be a legal adult and a Senior in high school.
Seems like yesterday I was in labor for that 24 hours waiting for him to arrive.
Now he's a strapping young man who's still into John Deere.
(Please God, let that go on for 4 more years!)

Today is also Scout Sunday.
We are going to the church which sponsors Erik's troop for morning services.
Then we'll see after that what happens.
We decided to put off the bowling until next weekend.
Which we may have to go see Jason Tako at the Expo thing in South Carolina too.
We'll see.

You know it's been busy around here when I don't blog all week...sorry for that..but I was swamped this week! I did manage to take some "ME" time yesterday and scrap for 6 hours solid...that was a real treat...until Erik called and said they were home from Savannah and I had to come get him. Next time I'm staying til the end...and helping clean up...I didn't get to do that this time..but the girls that were there (there were 3 of us and Pam) are a HOOT I tell ya!!

Today it's church, homework, laundry (folding the mound in my room), more homework, know...a typical Sunday around here!

OH..and if anyone finds an ERTL Farm Country John Deere Dealership Set, please let me know. We are in search of it.

Happy Sunday!

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