Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I turned 43 yesterday.
I was lucky enough to spend my day with my nieces at the State Fair. And it was Labor Day.
I crossed two things off of my bucket list as well.
1. Take my Godchild Ashley to her first concert EVER and
2. See the infamous Tim McGraw (Brantley Gilbert was an added bonus).
Seriously, I am not sure who had more fun, her, the other girls, or I.
This was taken at the 102.9 Buz'n booth. They had Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Sheryl Crowe lined up in a row. These girls posed for all the guys and loved it.  I'm glad I could be a part of their day and them a part of mine.
So, back to Ashley and her first concert ever.  Because she's sensitive to sound, she's never attended a real concert before and probably won't attend an indoor one until I can get her to about 4 more outdoor ones (and maybe score some meet and greet passes too!).  Her mom thought she would freak out and not like it. WRONG. This is the child in which music is her whole world. She was in choir, listens to the radio, KNOWS every.single.song. that ever was (I swear).  She was so excited to go that for 2 weeks before the concert she was posting to my facebook page about just HOW excited she was.  I didn't want her pacemaker to kick in and have to rush her to the hospital, so I was very careful to explain things to her prior to Brantley Gilbert taking the stage.  I explained that the volume would be louder than what the pre-concert music was set at. She was okay with that.  Then I explained to her about the house lights going down (usually in an indoor arena, but not outdoors with the sun not set yet) and about how the encore performance worked. She was okay with all of that.  Now let the jamming commence. And the good 'ol Georgia Boys took the stage. (LOVE me some SOUTHERN!)
And oh geeze. DON'T play the "Highway Don't Care" song or she's going to go nuts on you. I thought she was going to pee her pants she was so excited for him to play that! 
Yes, she truly had an absolute blast last night. I must say it was probably the best birthday to date, just to see her face light up and realize a dream come true for her was all worth it.  I say this all the time, but you truly CAN'T put a price on memories because their precious factor is priceless.
So with that said, y'all go on out and live like you were dyin' because this little girl did and always does.
Thank you Tim McGraw and Brantley Gilbert for doing what you do and touching people's lives even when you don't know you do it.  There is something special about a singer/songwriter that can't be expressed into words.  You have made a little girl's dream come true and we love you for that. You will always be loved.
Love Always,
Tonja Trump
Southern Girl at heart