Sunday, October 26, 2008

Art, Football, and Forts...OH MY!

Week 2's assignment...Pencil first, then Marker. Show Scale, Emphasis, Rhythm/Movement, and Proximity/Proportion. I am NOT a draw-er type of artist. I am a manipulative, move the paper around the canvas type artist. See that Life Artist post. Heh.
The only touchdown scored. We lost this game against Glennville 8-12. I think we would have won had the coach not been overly excited and called in a pass play. Such is life. The boys played a good game and had a great season. Season record was 4-2. Not bad for a bunch of southern boys and a Yankee. (Erik is 59)
Git Er Done!
At the Homecoming Parade on Thursday.
This is the Fort that Mo built. Between two vans and with the blankets from the bin I promised she could use. Oh and clothespins. That girl is gonna go far with her imagination.
This is the front.
This is the back. Nothing like having a Tweety and Scooby themed fort. Heh.
Happy Sunday and a special shout out to my aunt and uncle, Danna and Johnny.
Next time you're down this way, plan on stopping in. Heh.

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