Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Ok, it's not too wild around here. But only 'cause I don't feel well today.
I am running a fever..or's running me. I could sleep all day.
On a happy note though, I ordered my books last night and this morning.
They are shipping out today. They should be here tomorrow.
And my Art Kit...should be here by next Tuesday...just in time for class to start.
WHICH MEANS...LAST CALL to clean the scraproom as I'll have to find somewhere to put all that art stuff...paints, markers, pencils, canvas, art pads, paint brushes, yadda yadda yadda.
FUN for me!

OHHHHH...and I had to order software too!! (Which also arrives tomorrow.)
I will now operate digitally under Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection (for UNDER $1000!). What's that mean?
I will be editing my photos on the most-coveted BOMB DIGGITY MACK DADDY software in the scrapping industry. My photos (stunning as they are now) will be even MORE AWESOME!
{I still have to take a pic of the crack ho laundromat}

Happy Wednesday!

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