Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday!

Here's a few photos for you to enjoy.
My BookGuard...she guarded those packages with her life! Natalea didn't believe that she was to do that for me yesterday, so she called me at work to have me tell Natalea that she's the BookGuard.
Just a creative shot of my books....kinda cool how it reflects and looks like it's double exposed. Who knew I had such talent! Ha!
Ooooo....Ahhhhh.....My new books....
A bit overwhelming, but I'll get used to their formats this weekend before classes actually start.
Be prepared, I say.
I'll be taking Intro to Graphic Design, Success Strategies, and Management. I even got a planner calendar. AND.ADOBE.CS3.MASTER.COLLECTION! So much to learn, so little time!

Scooter...taking a snooze in the laundry basket. He's getting big. But not fat. Love that Purina Indoor Cat Formula.
That's all for today folks. I have books to check out and a scraproom to get together this weekend. I may even take time out to learn how to shoot Grandpa's gun. Tommy is off this weekend, so things will get done around here.
I will have to make a list of things to get done before Christmas too...11 weeks away!!
Happy Friday!!

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