Monday, October 13, 2008

Merry Christmas To ME!!!

First...Here is the envelope that my friend will receive very soon.
And the card to go along with it.....HEHEHE!!!!
Here is the BOX that my art kit came in...HELLO!!!
How can Monique guard that with her life?
She damn near took a nap on it!!!
This was inside....My very own Westwood College Luggage!!
This is the right half of the table....I tried to merge the 2 together...but I can't do that in PS yet. I'll learn by the end of the year!!
Here is the left side....I just wanted to PLAY with it ALL!!!
My very own Tacklebox...Hands OFF Erik!!!
All my TACKLE!!! Wanna go FISHIN'?
I'm excited to be going into this field of work.
Afterall, my Grandpa was a Print-Press kinda guy.
Class starts tomorrow...I'll keep you posted!!
Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

u need to take pictures of the items inside the case i see something i like lol lol....nice table and chairs by the