Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Last Week In Review

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Yes, you guessed it. I am now an official employee of Lowe's.
Did I mention that I LOVE that store? We have been here for 6 weeks now and we have been to that store every single week since we arrived! The service we received there was exceptional and I am proud to be working at a store that is so clean and friendly. If you ever go there in the afternoons, go hunt down Justin. He has been our Customer Service Associate every time...and he knows his stuff! He giggled at me the other day when he saw that I am now an employee.
Actually, everyone in that store is very friendly and it's like a family in there. And as I get comfy in my new digs as the Credit/Special Order Sales Coordinator, they are very patient and forgiving with me. I have completed my computer training quizzes and am getting ready to jump in with both feet in my on the floor training. The current CSOSC will train me all next week. I think I'll like it once I get into the routine of things. The best part of my new hours will be from 7-4, Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch!
I love Lowe's!!!
So, if you haven't seen me around in a while, I have been busy. And I'm about to get busier I think. I believe Peanut is going to have puppies. Exactly when, now that's another story. I will have to research that further, but I believe our due date will be between March 2nd and March 7th. It should be fun anyway! This time I'll puppy midwife my own dog!
On that note, have a Happy Saturday y'all!!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that its all working out for you at your new job. Sure miss you here tho.Bruce and I have been busy.
Wish you all the best hon.
Love mom

Bunker said...

Glad to hear you are working at Lowe's! You are invited to join us at: