Thursday, February 7, 2008

Updates and Things

Happy Thursday!

We have Open House tonight for Monique. {Who is fine, by the way, after a bout with the flu}
Natalea's was Tuesday night. We picked up her report card and I met Principal Freeman too. Her grades are great for someone who was transplanted into a different school district mid-year and I was pretty proud of her. Here's how it broke down:

92--English/Language Arts
80--Social Studies

I'm sure that Monique's will be similar to this.
So the reward for the great grades will be a little daytrip to Tybee Island on Saturday. We'll leave as soon as we get up so we can beat traffic. Then stop at the Sugar Shack for breakfast...gotta love those $5 breakfasts...depending on how excited the girls are to see the ocean.

If they are super excited, we will just go to the ocean first. I'll let Natalea run the camera on the way there of course, then I'll take tons of pictures of them on the beach after we get there.

I told them they could get wet too if they wanted too. It's supposed to be nice on the 70' we'll see if they go swimming or not! I know they'll put their feet in at least.

I still have to finish up some things on the house. I haven't had the motivation lately, but I think today may be the day. It's been so warm here the last couple days, that I've had my air on...IN FEBRUARY!!!!! I just can't wrap my head around that quite yet. That just blows my mind.

I have to clean out window wells so I can open the windows up...I love the fresh Georgia air!
I still have to wash walls in the living room and move some furniture around to do it.
I need to move some furniture out of the dining room too and then finish up the kitchen.
It'd be nice to have some manpower around here once in a while, know what I mean?

But, alas, my mother taught me well...I don't need that manpower, I can do it by myself. I just need to git er done. And before Saturday so we can go to Tybee. Because what if we have company on Sunday? Yep, gotta get it done!!

Take care ya'll!!

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