Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

While I don't have any jokes to play on you today, I want to still wish you a Happy April Fool's Day. And if you know Mary Vela, tell her Happy Birthday from me as well.

The Countdown is still on...2 days after today...Ashley turns 18!! {I really have to finish up this room so I can get working on her present!} Maybe we should throw her a party when I am home...all those in favor...say "AYE!"...and let me know. I can plan that baby from right here!

Puppies...are getting big. They are 4 weeks today. We tried some puppy chow, mashed up and watered down....that went very well. So we'll be doing that once or twice a day for a week and then increase it from there. It will be a gradual process. Oh, and we took them outside too for a little bit. Chubby loved it, but them girls didn't like it much. They whined and of course my girls cuddled on them to get them to quit whining. It's a vicious cycle around here.

Happy Tuesday to y'all. I hope you have a very productive day! I know I will!!



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