Thursday, April 24, 2008

Someone Famous

We were up early and to the airport even earlier...don't let anyone tell you nobody is on the road at 5 a.m. in Savannah, Georgia.
The girls rode the escalators about 5 times after I got the van parked. I took pictures and will post those when I get home.
We got to the ticket counter to check in. Our suitcase weighed in at 72 pounds. The 3 bricks didn't help either. The 2 bags of toiletries was a factor also. It was comical. We ended up checking the girl's backpack along with the suitcase 'cause well, they weren't allowing all them toiletries on the plane as a carry-on item. The bricks went to the garbage can at the security checkpoint. {The girls will make more for you Cheryl, Irene, and Megan.}

I told the ticket man the girls had never flown before, and he made sure we were first on the plane and told us to stop and check in with the Captain....who might I add...was HOT! {Go FIGURE!} Only 22 passsengers on this little Airbus. It was a quiet flight and only 1 hour to Memphis.

Arrive in Memphis, find our gate and board the plane right away. We find row 34 at the back of the 747 and in seat D is a man. I say to him, "Excuse me sir, I think you are in my seat." He says, "I'm sorry, here sit with your family." He moves to the window seat, I sit in the aisle. After we take off, Monique decides she wants to come and sit with me. She sits between the man and I and proceeds to fall asleep...and leans on the man.

Now mind you, I am waiting for him to politely say, "Ma'am, can you please move your child?"
But he never did. He fell asleep as well...and when I looked over at them in between my own dozing, he had his head on hers. It was just precious. 2 strangers, sleeping on each other, neither of them caring that they were strangers. It was actually refreshing. I was going to take a picture. I SHOULD HAVE. That was PRICELESS.

Said Man wakes up as we are almost to Minneapolis. We engage in a conversation about Minneapolis and how we moved from Minnesota to Georgia, etc., etc. He states he's on his way to Yellowstone to shoot photos. States he has 20 GRAND in cameral equipment that he checked in. I said, "20 Thousand dollars? Are you someone famous or something?" He said, "Nah." So I proceed to tell him that I am shooting my first wedding this weekend. He tells me that if I need any assistance or have any questions, to please call him or email him. I told him I would. Then he hands me this beautiful postcard and tells me to check out his website. He was so gracious and humble, I didn't give it a second thought.

We finally get to my mom's house and I finally get a chance to check out the website.
I should have gotten an autograph.
It turns out that my mystery famous photographer is none other than Jon Holloway. From South Carolina. Who's shot for National Geographic. Go check it out. Get some inspiration while you are there too.

I will post the Rehearsal and Wedding things on Saturday.
Have a great weekend and I'll see you then!

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