Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Ashley!

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday Dear GodChild!
Happy Birthday To You!

Dear Ashley,

I wish you the best day ever for your birthday. I know you'll be spending it in school, but at least you're getting an education.

It's hard to believe that just 18 years ago today you were born. That you struggled for your life and proved everyone wrong, just amazes us. I say us, because I know I can speak for Grandma and the rest of the family too. You have surpassed and defied everything they said you wouldn't do. We can't wait to see what else you will do!

As you go through your day today, I want you to know one thing and always remember it.
Live each day of your life as if it was your last. Make the most of all your days, little girl. Like in that song by Tim McGraw--Live Like You Were Dying.

I know I can't be there today, but when I get back to Minnesota at the end of the month, we'll have party for you. I am working on a very special project too for you, with Grandma's help. Megan is helping with the guest list for your make sure to tell her who you want there!
{I don't care what your mom says, we WILL have a party to celebrate your life!}

Do you like the purple? Hehehe...I know it's your favorite color, so just for today for you, it's purple!

Have a great day and I'm off to call you now, as soon as I get the girls up!


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