Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catch Up

It's good to be back.

After my last blog post on Ashley's birthday, my computer blew up during a hard rain. I heard a loud *POP* and the power surged a bit, then it went dead. I mean D-E-A-D.

I called the phone company and proceeded to chew some M-A-J-O-R ass. I was not happy. And THEY knew it. I had a telephone repairman at my house that Saturday checking my line to make sure it was grounded. AND I had a brand new upgraded modem the next day as well.

THEN I called HP. Told them my problem and stated that since the computer was only 28 days old, I wanted to exercise my Warranty. THANK GOD FOR THAT. Well, apparently the warranty doesn't cover NEXT DAY AIR. Hence, the absence from your beautiful lives the last 13 days.

That being said, here's the skinny breakdown of what's been going on here.
~Still have 3 puppies for sale. They are cute and getting bigger by the day.
~Had 6 interviews out of those 41 resume's.
~Natalea had a Band Concert and did FABULOUS. Pictures to follow as soon as I edit them.
~Monique does a headstand from a Tri-Pod position...AFTER I show her what a Tri-Pod is....and she LAUGHS HER ASS OFF!
~I was offered a part-time job as an office assistant for Ameriprise Financial. (Found out today that one of the Lawyer's-Mr. Tippett {the one that reminds me of Steve} is still trying to reach Steve for the skinny on Steve...ANSWER THE EMAIL PLEASE ''cause I really want that job!) And his wife is a CM Consultant....he said he wasn't going to let us get together.
~The lawn is growing...and green. I did get the lawnmower out, but I need 2 new tires and a battery before it's operational...and I have to pay for it.
~We leave for our trip in 7 days.
~My Grams is in the hospital with pneumonia. TAKE YOUR ANTIBIOTICS GRAMS!
~Found out today...NEIL DIAMOND is kicking off his tour in St. Paul on July 19, 2008! IMAGINE is his favorite city to perform, so he says. Guess I will be vacationing in Minnesota in July. Tom said...Get a job and I can go then! Mom said she was going DOUBLE YAY THERE! Tess will get tickets or mom will..I'll give them the rundown on Ticketmaster next week when I get there! WOOT!
~Girls are excited to go to Minnesota.
~Got the Puppy Papers...they are officially registered pups now.
~And...I cut my hair. Shorter and layered. Look out George, here I COME!

I will leave you with that for now. I will post more in the morning. Back to my usual routine now. Happy Hump Day.

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