Monday, April 21, 2008

Lunch At Tiffany's


Natalea and Gabby holding baby chicks...well not babies anymore...but young!
Here's the baby chicks. My future egg layin' hen is in there I think!

Miss Morgan...A.K.A. Cutie Patootie.

The girls went swimming with Tiffany's kids and had a ball as usual. Andrew was out golfing with Bobby so he missed it all. We had chicken strips, french fries, and Mo's FAV macaroni and cheese. And me and Tiffany got to discuss business as usual.
(Yesterday's post was the after effects of this lunch date.)

It was a great afternoon and a much needed break of all the stress going on with me right now.
I do will all be worth it come Friday.

Speaking of which, here's the Minnesota schedule, tentatively speaking. Of course, all times are subject to change, as well as events.

10:30 am--Arrive at MSP
12:00--Lunch at Al's
2:00--School visits/Pick up Brother
5:00--Supper with Cheryl at Basilleo's
2:00-3:00--Head to Minneapolis for decorating and Rehearsal
5:00--Photograph Decorations!
7:00--Drink at The Beach
10:00--Lights OUT!
Get ready for the Wedding!
9:00--Get girls' hair done and myself ready
1:00--Head to Hotel for more pics!
3:00--Make sure guys are ready/Get girls ready
10:00--Get my drunk on?? (Lol..nah...won't be that bad)
Family gathering??
(Tess is having her house Ashley's not getting a big whoop-de-doo.)
8:00 am--Arrive at MSP to head home!

Then Monday, I'll start my new job.
Exciting stuff I tell ya. It will be a much needed vacay.

{Hey Torm, Happy Monday}
Happy Monday to the rest of y'all as well.
10 more days left in April...WHERE has the time gone??

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Mireille said...

such awesome pics!!! Speaking bout cutie patooties!