Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stacks and Days

Nooooo....Those are NOT my new Roller Blind Shades. Heh. I WISH!
I have been in seclusion for most of the day...ONLY because of my PRINTER that kept on having a moment...OR 20! I woulda been done in an hour if I woulda had a new printer. Soon..VERY soon.

18 to Vidalia, GA.
7 to Metter, GA.
6 to Statesboro, GA.
6 to Reidsville, GA.
2 to Glennville, GA.
1 to Lyons, GA.
40 Individualized Cover Letters with Resume's.

Now, if I don't get a call in the next week from that stack, I guess I will have to hunt down the Hottie Postmaster (One day I'll get a picture for you!).

I'm off to mail these now...and take a gander around town as I've not been out in 2 days. Lucky I took a shower and switched pajama's today. Heh. Love my jammie days!


ONE MORE DAY FOR ASHLEY!!! I get to wake her up only an Aunt could. Now, I just have to pick and chose a time to call her...hehehehe!!! Don't YOU wish YOU were turning 18 tomorrow??!!

Happy Hump Day...I'm just hearing the New Kids On The Block are planning a Reunion's the 80's all OVER again!! First George, Then Neil, Now NKOTB! Will it EVER end??

Love Y'all...oh and Gee...Post a Pic of your Johnny would ya?? Or email it to me..and I will post it here!!

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