Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's V!

No...I'm teasing...It's REALLY an "M" an abstract artsy kinda Marlar style way. I decided to finally paint my bulletin board today. I was inspired to say the least. Then I took a break and had lunch with Tiffany.
{That's a WHOLE NOTHER blog post!}

Came home with a can of metallic gold spray paint...and well..the second picture is the result. Yep, still have puppies for sale.

And a crazy cat that sleeps in Bubba's kennel. Who knew.

THEN...since I was being so creative...the girls got a hair brained idea {WONDER who they get that from?} to get their creative in their skivvey's...they did just that. They are their momma's girls.

Happy Sunday.



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