Monday, April 28, 2008

The Babies Have Been Delivered!

Yes, our (V-Man and I) set of Twins came about healthy, happy and full of life.

For those of you that don't know, the joke on the poker table was that V and I were having twins on April 25, 2008....via C-Section at 5:00 p.m. Now if you were smart enough to put 2+3 together, you'd know that those Twins were Bruce and Irene and their birth was their wedding. We used to joke around like that alot. But back to the wedding.

It was beautiful.

It was fun.

It was not without rearranging.

It was without incident or drama.

I didn't get to clean anyone's clock for misbehaving.

Helen gave a 6 page toast. {Didn't seem like 6 pages was great Helen!}

Qui and Helen have never been in an American wedding before. I schooled them proper, and now they can go on and be pro's. They were fabulous...and so easy to work with...THANK YOU BOTH for making my job easy!!

Canadian-American wedding themes are AWESOME! I have a new love for the Canadian and American flags being put together...THANK YOU IRENE!

Web cam's were on all night...both for the ceremony and for the dance.

I have become a Canuck Wanna-Be. THANK YOU SUSAN!

Red, Red Wine...will never be the same now...after all the bottles that Peter and Qui drank. Neither remember exactly how many. 10 were bought though, that is a fact.

384 photos were taken during the weekend. You KNOW there has to be SOME good ones in that mess!

Bruce's family is really is Irene's...and both families are crazy and like to have a great time.

Qui was fought over by 2 older women...and enjoyed it...{Flo and Lorraine...Irene's sisters!}

Hooters was the topic of conversation many times.

Hottie DJ's were abundant. And gay. All the cute ones are, you know. But they were fabulous.
Yes, it was a great time. There were no complaints, only compliments. A good time was had by all.
Memories were made and alot of firsts happened. Qui's first snowfall, for instance. He'd never seen snow actually fall from the sky. He didn't know he could look like Santa either once it hits your face for a while and covers your eyebrows and hair up. That's what you get when you live in California.
Alice...and her husband are a hoot. I know where they live. Hehe. He kept razzing Irene about booby-trapping the bridal suite. I was the bridal suite police...hehe. I know where you live. *wink
So, the delivery went well, as planned and on schedule. Qui and I are the proud parents of one of the most fabulous unions in the United States. We're kinda proud of that.
Happy Monday...and here's to things getting back to normal as I start my new job today!

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Anonymous said...

It's your sexy DJ... with Mike on the other line... yeah, thanks for the one-line comment... (lol). Mike is not gay and I need a BIGGER blog note. "Hottie D.J." just dont cover it! Tell me something like "Aaron was fine as hell... tightest ass I've seen in years... Leonardo DiCapprio is nothing compared to Aaron-the hottie D.J." Mike also wants to be a "hottie D.J." and he is not gay and wishes he was!