Monday, April 28, 2008

Neil Diamond

ROW 20
SEATS 10-11-12.....
$118 + tax and fees apiece.

The look on my face when I got the text message and my purse vibrated on the floor.....

I have a date with ND July 19, 2008. Yep, him and George could have coordinated that better for sure. To perform the same arena 12 days apart, well that's just insane. SO insane in fact, that I can't exactly wrap my head around it...YET. Or the fact that I have 2 planes to catch within 12 days..well..that's just about too much fun for me!
I love to ride a plane, that's not the problem.
I can't stand the whiny, crying, kids on there.

MEGAN...borrow me your iPOD. Ship it please!

NO, don't. Last time it took forEVAH before my ears popped...they hurt for 2 days afterwards!

I'm not bringing Mack Daddy to the shows either...but I will bring him on the trip with me. I plan on staying at Tess's house this time. I am going to spend one night with Cheryl too...since I'm off on the 4th of July, I guess I'll have to take a little vacay.

OH, and in case you were wondering, I LOVE MY NEW JOB!
I learned so much already in one day...almost have that AMICUS program figured out already!

Rule Of Thumb: If you ask me to iron your clothes, I expect eternal and everlasting friendship.
So don't ask, if you can't put out. Just like being married...hehehe.

Love y'all,

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