Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr. Tippett's Secretary

Well, what can I say about her?
She's funny.
She's talented.
She's a true natural.
Not to brag or anything, but...
She's ME!

Yep! I got offered a job working with a lawyer, Mr. C. Lewis Tippet, Attorney at Law.
To say that I'm tickled isn't even cutting it close!
He SO reminds me of Steve...and apparently Steve made quite an impression on me because I hold him in high regard.
I think Mr. Tippett and I will get along just fine.
I get my own desk and little office in the back of the building. His office connects with you walk through my office to get to his.
When I emailed him Steve's email {so he could contact Steve for a reference--THANK YOU STEVE!}, he saw that in my signature it says "Scrapbooker Extraordinaire". Don't you know he emailed me back and said his wife was a CM Consultant and he'd have to keep us apart. At least he knows where he stands in the line of with any spouse of a scrapper...2nd to Scrapbooking.
I'm excited to start working with Mr. Tippett and the rest of the Staff at Salter & Shook, Attorneys At Law. I start this new adventure on April 28, 2008, after I return from Minnesota.
I am SO looking forward to it. I didn't know I'd miss the office as much as I do.

BIG HONKIN' HUGE THANKS BUNCHES to Mr. Steve Ecker, Attorney At Law, for making my first Legal Secretary position such a rewarding and pleasant experience for me. And for putting up with my M&M-munching self. You are truly a great teacher and mentor, and because you gave me a chance, I truly believe I have found my life-long career and natural talent. So THANK YOU!

With that said, Happy Friday Y'all!
I'm off to start my very busy day.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! a real job with a real lawer!!! good for you. am anxiously awaiting your arrival. miss you guys. lobe you.......mother

Anonymous said...

Mr tippett's that like carol burnett as mrs. higgens??????? hahahahaha