Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Day In Court

Ok, I had to go to Court today...Toombs County to be exact. Not QUITE what you were thinking for. I had to read a Deposition to the Jury for my boss, Mr. Tippett.

First thought, when I sat down in the courtroom as I am looking around at the different people:
The Bailiff is wearing Khaki pants...and a blue plaid shirt...with a red fleece vest. Now I know we are in the south, but come on now...REALLY??

Apparently they don't have to wear the Sheriff's uniform like they do in Minnesota. Okay, next thought.

That Judge is HOT! And YOUNG! And as I took my seat at the witness stand, I read that his name was Tommy J. Smith. I sent him a resume. Darn it all...I shoulda ASKED for that job! {Nah, I really like my Mr. Tippett}

SO...I read through the whole deposition, trying to concentrate and pronounce medical terminology properly...pretty comes said Bailiff...with a half a cup of water...cause I was having to clear my throat a little bit.

As I continued reading, I had to smile for a second as I thought what a great scrapbooking moment this would be if I had my camera. Almost giggled on the stand. I had to stop myself.
I'm sure the Jury wondered what the hell I was giggling at. They'll never know, unless they read this blog, which is highly unlikely.

THEN...I stop at Zaxby's for lunch and a Zen salad. I saw the commercial on TV that Lori Smith did. It was DELISH!

Ok, back to work I go. I have to organize and input files into the computer today and schedule some hearings.

Have a great day, y'all!

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