Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One More Day

One more day...and we'll be "Up North". I'm hoping to have a good, worry-free, time. We'll see.

The girls and I picked out our polish colors for our toes last night. Since we're wearing sandals and all, I figure at least our toes should look good.

So much to do today. So little time.
~I *MUST* go talk to the Hottie Postmaster Bill Jones today.
~After school, we have to take the dogs (all 5) to the kennel. Say a prayer that I sell at least 1 puppy today.
~Have to stop at Lowe's and pick up my grommet after that, since we'll be in Vidalia anyway.
~Come home and have supper and do up dishes.
~Finish laundry.
~Finish packing the suitcase and double checking girls' pack jobs. (I so don't trust them yet to pack up their own clothes. Mo has 4 pairs of jammies in there!)
~Get some gas and oil in the van. I hope it'll be safe at the airport.
~Set the alarm clock for 3am...I must be lonely.
~Get the Coke sale stuff from school today too. Then pack it all up for UPS to pick up tomorrow.

I know I'm forgetting something. So please, leave a comment and let me know what it is.

We are so excited to see everyone this weekend. It will be a nice visit and I hope a great time.
Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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