Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blake Beske 1996-2010

God Wanted You More

You had to be riding your bike
At that time and that place.
The accident happened so fast
And word traveled much too fast.
But God wanted you more.

We begged, pleaded, and prayed
For your life to spared,
To have just one more chance
To let you know we cared.
But God wanted you more.

You must have been an Angel
In the eyes of our Lord,
For when he called your name,
Like a good boy, you came.
Because God wanted you more.

Yes Blake Beske, you will be missed.
We'll always remember and love you
For the boy that you were and
We will always remember that
God wanted you more.

In Memory of Blake Beske
April 8, 1996-June 12, 2010

The Trump Family

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