Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today, I am the mother of a high school senior.Today, I am the mother of a high school junior.
Today, I am the mother of a high school freshman.
Today, I am the mother of a 7th grade girl.
Today, I am a size 8.
Today, it felt good trying on clothes in a store.
Today, it felt good getting my school work done for the week.
Today, I realized that I like being called "Skinny Minny" by my niece.
Today, I couldn't be more proud of my children, myself, and my family. 
We have accomplished things that people have said we NEVER, EVER would and well, as my dad would say, "Screw them."  Gotta love a Marlar's response like that.
Beware folks, there are more accomplishments to be had by us Marlar's and more things to cross off of our Bucket Lists.  I see an airplane in our futures.  Trips to Europe and Asia come to mind.  Skydiving with my brother, skiing and golfing (and drinking whilst chasing that damn ball around) with my sister, and traveling to my southern kinfolks' houses often so that we can bond like we should have been allowed.  Yes, good things are happening for us and they will only get better.  Of course we are chasing our dreams and going for it.  Life really is too short.
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