Thursday, July 31, 2008

One More Day!

One more day until school starts here!
The kidlins are excited...
So are we...I can actually buy them (the biggies) a Trapper Keeper type binder and don't have to have 3 seperate ones for each class!

BUT...Erik may have to miss the first day because the school in Morristown can't get off their ass and fax his records down...someone go rattle their cage and pick up those records please and fax them? I emailed the principal and the superintendent...apparently the prinicpal doesn't know the right fax number and gave me the wrong one as Ms. Thrift had to look up the fax from the girls' paperwork in their files.

I will call both schools today and confirm they received it. When you ask them to do something, why can't they just do it at the time you ask? DUH?

And I had to ORDER Erik's birth certificate...$42 bucks for expedited, credit card, and MDH fees. All that because of HIPPA...who made that Act anyway? Godparents have no rights...wait til I hit DC with that cause! I want the same rights as the natural born parent...cause when the parent is unable, the Godparent should be able to naturally step in. Anywho....enough venting for now.

It's Thursday...George is in Atlanta tonight...someone forgot to get my tickets for me! How dare you?! His last show is scheduled to be in Denmark on August 30th. It should have been at Wembley. *SIGH* I should be there still. I should move to Dallas too. One day I will I think...we'll!

One more day until the weekend...Oh Happy Day!

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