Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Neil or Neal?

It helps to be friends with the Principal at school.
Hehehehe...Gotta love the name Neil either way it's spelled.

I got an email from Neal yesterday telling me to have fun with Neil even if it's spelled for making my day!

So..3 days and counting...should be interesting since the Twin Cities is the Tour Opener...should be quite the blast and energy-filled time! Am I expecting too much? Maybe...but I bet not!

Only 2 hours left to get in on the make up I'm tired. I think I'll bring that home tonight for an hour...have to stop at Tiffany's first for those Barney movies for mother...or Remmy rather...airport security will look at me funny, I'm sure.

Which reminds me...I need maps of the Cincinnati airport and the Detroit airport so I can navigate my way around...I only have an hour you know to get to the next plane...and I HATE being late...oh and I need to print out my itinerary too...or we won't be getting on any I love to fly. I need to check my seats...and pack...and the list goes on.

Big Brother on tonight again...elimination show. I wonder who'll go home...should be interesting!!I'll miss it Sunday though as I'll be in transit.

Ok enough of that...I'm off to do all that on my list and head to work!
Happy Wednesday to you...Be Good...someone once said.

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