Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Savory Sunday

Blog Challenge for 8/9/09.
What's on your Sunday dinner table?

This week it was a roast and potatos and carrots. We love us some Sunday dinner around here and usually spend it at my mom's house for lunch with my grandma joining us. Sometimes we barbecue too and then make S'mores afterwards.

When I was younger, we always had something good to eat on Sundays and usually if mom had to work, she'd put it in the crock pot or slow cook it in the oven. Sometimes it was ham dinner and other times it was beef roast. She'd even sneak in some bean soup when I wasn't looking. (It's why I don't eat bean soup these days.)

And Sunday was always for family gatherings. Usually just the 4 of us unless we had company for the weekend (which was every other weekend when we lived on the lake). I saw my relatives way more than I do now...sad but true. It's funny how we get older and busier and see each other less and less each year. I guess we have to change that and just MAKE TIME for family.

After everything is all said and done, it's what you have left over...your family. ;)


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