Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Techie Tuesday

Happy Birthday Quinn!
I'm sure you had a good day!
(First and foremost)

Now, on to the techie part. Today's blog challenge is all about underlining

and strikethrough and how to do it in that ever so loverly HTML code. This is a definite challenge for me. Although I love that my Photoshop has that save for web option that can put it into code for me. Remember when I didn't even WANT to learn Photoshop...ahh...those were the days when I used to digital scrapbook. Now I love it. Totally. Don't know why I didn't learn it sooner. But anywho, on to other scrappy stuff.

My favorite time of the year is Retreat time. Twice a year (September and March) my CM Consultant hosts this retreat out at a camp (and I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember the dang name of it now) from Friday to Sunday. Bring all your scrappy stuff and your money 'cause she's got stuff for purchase. And lunch and supper are included in that price. Bring a snack to share and your bedroll, toiletries, and great conversation too. Let's see how many pages you can crank out while talking and eating. And the nature trails are awesome. And the Chapel is beautifully set on the lake. I love it. And I've missed it this last year and a half. Three times.

When we moved back from Georgia, I packed up my scrappy stuff with the intention of going to retreat. I packed up all my Classy Scrapper kits and I have my photos all in one bin, so I'm set! Now just to wait for that email to sign up. Hopefully by the middle of the month I'll see it. I'm looking for some scrappy women time. I have missed it the last couple months. And it's needed to keep my sanity.

Happy Wednesday!


Celia said...

Tonja what a great job you did of all this.
Hope you find the Retreat sounds wonderful

mollie said...

I hope that you get to make it this time Tanja! That sounds like a wondeful escape from the real world.

Linda said...

Good job Tonja, you are really techie savvy.....sure hope you get to go on the retreat. I love retreats and am planning on one in November. Are you a CM consultant? I did that for a number of years, nice product.

Tami said...

ooh I love escapes.. sonds so fun

MaryC said...

A retreat sounds so fun. Do you actually get stuff done or are you like me and talk so much that you haven't a page to show for it? LOL.