Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Challenge For 8/2/09

First, let me explain the story behind the challenges.
Get It of my frequented scrap boards, is doing a month long Blog Challenge for the whole month of August. They give you the topic, you blog it.
Now, since I only usually check the board early in the morning, I'll be a day behind in my challenges. Capiche`?

Okay then, that being said, today's challenge is Surreal Sunday. We're supposed to blog about a surreal or dream like moment.

Besides those dreams where you are falling off the cliff (those are very surreal for me when they DO occur), my life as I know it right now is surreal.

I never thought I'd move back to Minnesota from Georgia and the drive on the way back here was really surreal. I didn't believe I was really driving those 1100 miles back to the cold and snow country. Sometimes I just look around now, and just can't believe I'm home. It's weird to me, but eh, such is life.

The OTHER surreal moment...Meeting my brother for the first time. So many times I dreamt of our meeting, and when it finally happened on Mother's Day weekend, it was just awesome. The story of that meeting is in the "History Was Made" post back in May.

Happy Monday to you!
I have to go make my list now as I've got a ton of stuff do accomplish before Friday!


Celia said...

Well done Tonja. Looking forward to all the posts you manage to get done.

Love the stories and the photos

Jane said...

A 1000 mile drive would be a surreal experience in anyone's book - glad your journey had a positive outcome.

askings said...

great job with the challenge

MaryC said...

WOW! That's cool. You've come full circle.
And congratulations on meeting your brother.

Tami said...

I agree the full circle is surreal good choices. and i still love the story of meeting your brother.. but I'm not reading it again it made me cry ;)

Linda said...

Tonja, I also enjoyed reading the story of you meeting your brother. I was following that back in May. It is amazing that you made that long trip home, hope life is good there for you. Beautiful photos that you shared.

take a little piece of my art said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm looking forward to perusing yours!! Congrats on meeting your brother. That is awesome!!!