Monday, August 3, 2009

Make A List Monday {8-3 Blog Challenge}

I asked my husband to write down some things to start our grocery list, and he couldn't find the paper. SO...I'm glad for today's challenge...and glad I remembered to check the board tonight!

Grocery List
Dawn Dishsoap
Toilet Paper
Dog Food
Whole Kernel Corn
Pork & Beans

Things To Do This Week
Tuesday-Register kids for school.
Give Cheryl a haircut.
Work on Wednesday.
Check in with my school advisor.
Friday-Go to appointment in Twin Cities.
Go school shopping (Erik and Gabby)

That's enough for right now I think...this list is subject to change though!


mollie said...

I like the "subject to change" part!

Sharyn said...

great lists!!

askings said...

sometimes you just have to shake your head at those dh said to me before we were getting ready to go to the store for our major bi-weekly I made a list so you wouldn't have sweet, right? The list had 5 things on it! So I gave him a hug and said well thats a start!