Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Much Going On

So I don't think I've blogged this yet, but I started a new job in February with the State of Minnesota as a Human Services Technician in a group home in Northfield.  My schedule is kind of wonky and all over the place and not really a set schedule at that.  I'm ok with that.  For awhile I was getting every other weekend off and a 3 day weekend at that, but on the next schedule that's not the case.  I'm ok with that since I love my job.  I take care of 3 elderly individuals (who shall remain nameless for confidentiality purposes), one of whom is Jewish...and my one to one....which means I get to learn about Judaism and participate in the Jewish faith.  Matter of fact, in April we get to go to a Passover Seder dinner.  Where there's food, we will travel to St. Louis Park.  I actually asked to be scheduled that night so I could take my guy.  I'll have to research proper procedures and all before I go so I know what to expect, but it should be fun!

Ashley turns 21 in 5 days.  Hard to believe that this day will soon be here.  I'll blog about her on Sunday...complete with photos. :)

Gabby made the B honor roll this quarter.  Way to go my little bookworm scholar!!  Now if we can just get Natalea to follow your example, we'll be good in the grade section!!  :)

More going on that I'll holla about later on after the details are finalized. 
All my love to you, my faithful readers and newcomers as well!!

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