Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Pictures...Imagine That!

Tybee Island Lighthouse, Tybee Island, GA.
View from the top of the Tybee Lighthouse.
I-16 West to Macon, GA. {LOOK at ALL the TREES!}
Tybee Pier, Tybee Island, GA.
Jetties on the shore {Like wave breakers, kinda-sorta-maybe}
Close up of the Jetties.
Flawless Blue Polished Toes...in the sand...TT!
Turtle Art at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.
Dolphin Crossing Sign!! {A MUST-HAVE for my house!}
What was left of that Crown and Coke that Tiffany drank.
Calling Jim on the phone in the bathroom at the bar. So appropro!
Palm tree by the beach at Tybee Island, GA.

So, at my mother's request there are some more pictures of my weekend get away to Georgia!
I'll post some Ocean Waves tomorrow! Those get their own entry!

Happy Tuesday!


geemar said...

well at least the tune is an improvment,lol. love the pics....hate the tattoo looks like a torture chamber thingy, but to each his own.

tiffanysolano said...

The pictures looked good on the camera when you took them but they look so much better now on the blog. I am saving em as you post em!! your wonderful friend (sounds like something gee would say)

geemar said...

i heard that tiff lmao.....pictures are good...