Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My tattoo...strategically placed to peek out of my bikini top tan line. I had it put on my left breast over my heart. The red rose is for love and the blue rose is for our favorite color. The stems are in the shape of T's and it's all locked together with a heart shaped lock. Tiffany's is up higher on her chest above her heart also. She picked this out from Johnny Tattoo. We both think it turned out beautifully and are glad we got them done together. The guy that did them was very professional and barely cracked a smile at all my demented jokes.
Happy Hump Day!




tiffanysolano said...

Im so glad that we got the tattoos done. That will always be very sentimental to me. They turned out wonderful....!! Love ya

Fox Family said...

I realllllly like the other song much better.....please put it

formerly foxlady99 on Fultilt

geemar said...

quit deleting me, your wonderful, awesome mother hahahaha

geemar said...

I'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!! your awesome, wonderful mother..

geemar said...

ok i give long we gotta wait until the next installment???? keep us in suspence is not good for us....your terrific mother

tiffanysolano said...

Good God Gee...have some patience!! ya can't rush perfection! LMAO

Sharyn said...

what kind of a dud doesn't laugh at your jokes? LOL

love the tat!