Friday, November 9, 2007

Things You Don't See In Minnesota

My new ChipMonitor...I'm in love baby!! My pictures are so clear, crisp and colorful on have no idea how you rocked my world once again! Thank YOU Chipster!
I'll love you forever honey!! MUAH!
Now on to the things you don't see in Minnesota...more pictures from Georgia...I'm so in love!
Beach Chairs for Rent...they never rented us any!
Portable Lifeguard Stations.
BIG HONKIN' Anchors on the beach!
Dolphin Reef Restaurant...on the beach. This is the parking lot side.

Atlantic Ocean Waves...shot consecutively with Mack Daddy...I am definitely in love with this Ocean too!
One day...and soon...I will have my Ocean View and live by this beautiful love of mine.
Until we meet again my love...


tiffanysolano said...

More great pictures hon. I am so glad that you loved the ocean here. I knew ya would.....Or atleast I hoped ya would *wink*
This ought to satisfy gee for a few mins anyway...lmfao

geemar said...

Well i guess a little is better than nothing hahahahha....

geemar said...

are those protable life guard shacks on pontoons???? never a good sign.......