Monday, November 12, 2007

Life Goals

I'm not a complicated person.
I don't want much from this lifetime.

But I woke up this morning at 2 a.m. with my Life Goals on my mind. I was thinking that if I were to list them all (or those I can think of right this moment), how many would I have? The thing is, is I'd have a never-ending list. I'm sure of this as life will carry on and I'll think of new goals to achieve as I achieve the ones on my list already.

Then I started thinking...These are MISSIONS...or they can be turned into MISSIONS.
And we ALL know what happens with the MISSIONS...they usually get accomplished.

So without further hindrance, here are some of my Life MISSIONS:

~To swim with the dolphins.
~To travel to London (and stalk George Michael...hehehe).
~To travel to the Carribbean (and not for Pirates either Mother!).
~To find my Prince Charming and have a true love like my parent's did.
~To travel to all 50 states, collecting a shot glass from each one (Line 'em up, I say!).
~To live by the Ocean (Either one is most beautiful! No earthquakes in Georgia though!).
~To live a full and extremely happy life with no regrets what so ever.
~To have my own house again, complete with my own ScrapRoom.
~To raise my children to be strong and productive human beings.
~To get that headstone on my uncle's grave.

All of these goals are attainable I believe. Some I will accomplish before others and some will definitely take time and perserverance. And I'm sure I'll add and subtract to my list over the years as MISSIONS are accomplished. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, so I hear.
{I must learn patience and soon!}

So on that note, Happy Monday to you! For those of you who don't already know, tomorrow is Monique's 8th birthday and I'll be posting her birthday pictures tomorrow!

{And I'm still in love with my new ChipMonitor!}


Edited to add: Happy Veteran's Day to you all. A BIG HONKIN' THANK YOU to our Veterans for serving our Country. I am especially appreciative as I could not ever serve!! I LOVE YOU!

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