Monday, November 5, 2007

Me getting purified in the Atlantic Ocean. The Sunrise at Tybee Pier, Tybee, GA.
Tiffany looking for shells on the beach.
Ocean waves crashing's up!
Good picture of Chip and I.
Kim's pic of Chip and I. {See what you missed?}
TMT...Tonja, Morgan, Tiffany.
Ocean View painted on the window of our room at the Commitment Facility.
As I reflect back about my trip to Georgia, I realize that a few of my Life Goals have been achieved.
I got to eat REAL homemade grits.
I got to see the Atlantic Ocean.
I got to see the sunrise at the ocean.
I got to go to Georgia and get that shot glass too!
I got to climb to the top of the lighthouse and see the ocean view.
I got to meet my Best Bridesmaid and her family.
And as a bonus...I got to meet the man behind the emails that make me bust out in laughter!

Stay tuned...more pictures to come as I took 551 of them! I just have to edit...and that will take a while I'm sure.

Happy Monday Ya'll!!


Tiffany said...

love the pics hon....Glad you accomplished some of your goals! Come on back down whenever you like...the door is always open and the light is always on in the hall! Muah. Love ya

Anonymous said...

nice to see u had some fun hon. Life is much too short so enjoy everyday.
The pics are beautiful but the best 1 was with you and tiff finally meeting and enjoying,
Wish i had been there too. well someday
Love MOM