Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 Days

2....NEVER stands alone!
2....MORE days until Tiffany gets here!
2....DAYS is all she'll be here for!
5....DAYS until Gabryelle turns 10!

Patience....WE ALL KNOW I have none.

I can't wait for Tiffany to get here!
I can't wait for Christmas!
I can't wait for December 7th (Cheryl's Birthday among other things)!
I can't wait for April to get here!
I can't wait for January either!
Did I say I don't have any patience?

It's a game of HURRY UP AND WAIT!

December is a busy month for us. That's probably the only thing that's gonna keep me sane. Is the staying busy part. Oh and did I say that I haven't started shopping yet? Yeah..I haven't. Won't be much going on I can tell you that now. {Insert what I was going to buy them here...they read it so I can't type it!}

We have Gabby's birthday on the 3rd and Cheryl's on the 7th.
Christmas is coming on the 25th and we usually go to Tom's side of the family in the afternoon. We usually have the Marlar Christmas on the morning of the 25th.
And the Schoonmaker rendition of Christmas (at Tess's this year) will be on the 29th...along with supper at Bruce and Irene's house that night!

Say a little prayer for me too! I applied for a couple jobs...that are a step up from what I'm doing now!! More information on that as I get it!

Happy Hump Day!
Love Ya'll,

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Oh this is the part where I am supposed to leave a comment....cause lord knows...I didnt wait very patiently for you to blog?
Tiffany Solano: ok.....? I looked for a blog?
Tiffany Solano: there aint one?
See...No PATIENCE...just add that to the list of similarities. 38 hours til I get there! Oh I am not counting or anything!! Great blog hon! Muah