Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friday Night~Hooter-ized!

Friday after I picked up Tiffany at the airport, we went to the hotel and checked in and hauled all of our stuff upstairs to room 226 at the Red Roof Inn....Next to none other than...HOOTERS!

We spent the day driving around the greater northern Minneapolis area as I was taking Tiffany on a tour of the cities. We ended up at the Polo Outlet Store in Albertville in search of none other than POLO splash on cologne. {They didn't have it either!}

We made our way to HOOTERS by 4:01 p.m....just like we promised! Little did we know...The next 6 hours would be the funnest! Here are some promised.
Tracy, our fun waitress! She was a HOOT!! She stood up on this chair to take the group picture of us and I caught her on it after I got Mack Daddy back!
Lorraine...Irene's sister and Godmother...and a HOOT herself! She had 4 of them Tequila Sunrise's...and got sober at she thought!! Little did she know...she was with us at HOOTERS!! We love you Lorraine!!
3 Mile Island Wings...That Chip recommended! They were very good...but I could only eat 5 out of the 10 I ordered (we had pizza at 1 p.m. so I wasn't all that hungry anyway)...I brought the rest home...and as a matter of fact...I'm going to eat the rest tonight for supper after I post this blog~Thanks Chip for that recommendation!! P really is for Princess!
MMMmmmmmm....M&M's that Kelly sent for us to snack on! The leftovers will be going with me to work for my dispenser there! Thanks Kelly...I picked up the package from the Post Office before I picked up Tiffany!! We love you honey!!
HOOTERS!!!! I got HOOTERIZED proper! I Love Hooters Stickers all over my HOOTERS! I kept telling Tracy our waitress that I could work there...cause my HOOTERS were as big as hers...and I could fill out them shorts too!! HOOTERS HOOTERIZED!!!
Our Group picture! Lorraine, Tiffany, Irene, and me with Bruce in the back! Bruce said he'd meet us at Hooters just in case we didn't get to meet at Joe's Crab Shack on Saturday night. When Bruce walked in and introduced Lorraine as Irene's sister, I knew Irene was hiding around the corner! SHE WAS TOO!! She surprised both Tiffany and I and brought our birthday presents too! We had such a blast with you all, we just can't wait until April to do it again!! We love you!!

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Anonymous said...

want to say thank=you 4 such a great time with you both. and shhhhhhh what happens in Minnesota stays in Minnesota, LOL
Lorraine talked all the way back to Winniopeg about the great time she had with us all.
Thanks again you 2
Love Mom & Pa