Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Natalea's Christmas Concert

Natalea singing in the choir.
Leaving the risers...
Tooting her own horn...um...clarinet.
Last Tuesday, Natalea had her Christmas concert. Her class sang three songs and the band played three songs also. Monique and I went and sat in the very back row of the auditorium to capture these pictures. Keep in mind, me and Mack Daddy are still on a "Getting To Know You" basis during these school functions. We'll have more practice tonight as Gabby has her Christmas concert tonight!
Happy Tuesday, ya'll!!


Tiffany said...

Great pics of Nat!! Nothing wrong with her tooting her own horn.....if ya dont toot it yourself, who is gonna do it for ya!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nat nice work hon. can't wait to see u t xmas
Love Lucky Grandma