Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Monique!

Eight years ago today at 11:58 a.m. little Miss Monique Louise Trump was born. My water broke around 2 a.m. and we went right to the hospital with her being #4 and all we thought I'd go quicker than what I did. I still had to be induced at 6:30 a.m. The doctor came in and said he had a Timberwolves game to go to and could I have her by 4 p.m. I said she'll be here by then no problem. So at about a quarter til 12, she was well on her way. The nurse called the doctor and he walked in to the room, put on one glove, and delivered her in his street clothes and one gloved. Good thing his name is Thomas and not Michael. I would have had to call him Michael Jackson..oh one gloved one! He checked me over and went on to his game.

Erik was the first one to hold her as we had him and Cheryl and Alesha too in with us. Little did Cheryl know, she was going to have a surprise birthday party that night and I'd have to miss it. We flew her mom in for it...she had no clue...and was in tears...I got to see pictures.

So Monique's birthday is special for so many reasons. We truly were blessed this day 8 years ago with an Angel and little did we know, she'd end up being a little Miss Marlar with blonde hair and all.

Monique's cake from Sunday.
Opening her present from Tiffany.
Scooby Doo from Tiffany.Opening her present from Auntie Lynn.
Her new movie.
My baby is a monkey in disguise. She loves her bananas.
And her Princess jammies we bought her.
And Natalea's tiara from Halloween.
She is, and always will be, a Princess.
Grandpa Marlar said so.
I love you Mo!


tiffanysolano said...

Im so glad that Mo had a great birthday! As much as you and Tom are blessed with such a lil angel, she is just as blessed with wonderful parents and a wonderful family! Tell Big Mo that Lil Mo says "Happy Birthday".....with love, tiffany

geemar said...

well I am glad my baby granddaughter had a great birthday(was I invited??) I posted the banana pic on wallpaper hahahaa. Love you baby girl.........Grandma

geemar said...

I hope baby girl likes her shrek movie....let erik know his thingy was sent this am via general mail, should get here within a week...pony express ya know!!!! gee

tiffanysolano said...

OMG....gee must have the same postal carrier we do. lord knows it takes a freaking week to get anything to you! LMAO.