Friday, September 19, 2008

Tigers vs. Tigers

Thursday's game...Metter vs. North Tattnall...we kicked butt! The final score was 36-12 I think. We lost track after the third quarter as the scoreboard went wacko and fizzled out on us. I told Mr. Freeman my entrance fees oughta buy a new one. Heh. Sad that they charge for 8th grade games, but I suppose they don't get the funding like Minnesota does. Or they have different High School League rules. Either or, it still ain't right. I also told Mr. Freeman..I don't know no algebro. I love Madea..heh!'s a few pics.
Next time I'll try to pin down the other 2 girls..they were busy walking the be in middle school again...NOT!! {I think next time I will walk the stadium with my camera}
Monkey Louie...She's so damn photogenic it's not even funny! I tried to fill up my lens with her...I think I got it now!Number he's 59...Matt Blair's old number...AWESOME! They got new jersey's and 58 was too he got 59. They did look sharp out there! This was at the end of the game when the 6th graders played the 4th quarter and the ref's left the field. WTF? The game ain't over til the time runs out ref!
Erik said he and this guy made a mistake on the play so the coach was telling them how to do it right the next time. I think that's Coach Spurgeon?
Erik in the middle of a play. 3rd quarter I think.
Coming off the field, ready for his water.
Well that's it for today folks. I hope you've enjoyed your day in photos..until next time...
Happy Friday!

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