Monday, September 22, 2008

Creativity Gene

This is the person that Mo built.
Out of a toilet paper roll.
ALL by herself, with little guidance from Gabby.
Mrs. Hayford taught her how to curl paper.
I suggested the pink skirt.
My kids...all 4 of that creativity gene from me.
Gabby is working on a cute little book as a gift for Morgan.
It involves a bear...that travels to each page...and has a pocket.
Too cool.
She's going to be an author. She loves to write and illustrate stories.
And read. She's inspired.
Erik made a grain thingy out of a piece of board and clothespins. He now drives his truck onto the clothespins to dump the grain, I think.
Such imagination he has too. I don't see him into girls for another year at least.
Natalea made an ankle bracelet by finger crocheting some fuzzy yarn (like they use to make the flip flops with). It looks really cute.
Living in the country has benefits.
It encourages imagination and creativity when playing.
Happy Monday.

1 comment:

rmeyfe said...

You are so lucky!! My boys didn't get my creativity gene, they got hubby's anti-creative genes. There idea of "art" is one line on a paper and "please can we get up and go play". Maybe they are just into minimalist movement!!

Have a great week!!