Thursday, September 4, 2008

Layouts, Sunflowers, and Megan-Inspired!

Well here is a sampling of layouts I have done for my Concert Album...that should arrive sometime this weekend from ScrapSupply (Thank you Lynn!) I have kept it simple like Cathy Zielske did in her book, Clean and Simple Scrapbooking. (GREAT book!!) I went with a Navy colored cardstock and my album will be Red...and 3-ring so I can add more pages!
In 35 Years I've Seen...quite a few concerts and a wide variety of genre's as well. I was suprised that I didn't have any Country music on that list...what's up with that anyway? One day, I'll see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw...maybe.
Ah...Neil Diamond. Tickets in 1984 were $ 2008, they were $115.
Sad but true.My favorite Pompas Grass...I see this everyday on my way to work. One day, I'll have it in my own yard. *Sigh*
Oh and my sunflowers...all droopy after that tropical storm that blew through here. Now we are anxiously awaiting Hanna and Ike to show up. Where they land is anyone's guess right now. Just know that I am stalking the National Hurricane Center's website...HOURLY.
(I shoulda been a Meteorologist!)

And finally...Me...inspired by Miss Megan Marlar to take a self portrait. Mine didn't turn out like hers though...I need a point and shoot for that...heh.
Oh and we don't know if Erik has a game tonight...they may have cancelled it due to Hanna and the rescheduling of the High School game. Heh. They should have a blizzard once.
Happy Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

don't you have any pictures of chill hilman and your dad???? that is about country you will get