Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Safe

It's a little bit safer to approach me today. I don't have any pans to throw and I'm not feeling as Oscar-y either.

I am working on scholarships and things like that for school. I'm excited for Friday to get here so I can get registered. I want that Bachelor's...I can see it...and taste it. I'm more determined than ever.

Today is gameday. They moved it to today because of next week's schedule. I get to leave work early. Only 2 left after Monday and Thursday! I have the camera battery charging...and Mr. Freeman is looking forward to seeing me there with Mack Daddy! I'll try to take some general photos of the kids for the school website that I can share. I'd like to get down on the field more. Maybe I'll do that..I'm leaving my purse at home this time...and I'm bringing a blanket to sit on. That concrete is HOT on the seat!

Is it 3:30 yet?
Happy Wednesday!

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