Monday, September 15, 2008

The Day In Pictures


Gotta love 'em.

I worked on my Concert album and cranked out these 2 pages of George. I also took the programs that I have and put them in there (as best as I could). They seem to have gotten bigger over the years. I believe this is the first Neil Diamond one. It mounted perfectly on my 12x12 paper. I can slide it out and look at it if I want too, making it an interactive page. Heh.

Tommy asked me..."What do you see in this guy?" I said..."LOOK AT THAT...WHAT'S NOT TO SEE?" You may be able to click on the picture to read the journaling.

Natalea had to go to the pond to gather up some water for a school science experiment. This lil guy is what she found and brought home. I hope he made it through the night so they can bring him to school today. I may just drop them off even.
He's less than 2 inches. I should have had a ruler behind him. I did check his underbelly and discovered he's a painted box turtle. The first thing the kids asked was if he was a snapper or not...I guess they didn't want to get bit. HEH!

Electric frying pan pancakes are the BOMB! Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have been enjoying my pancakes in the electric frying pan. You just can't get the same effect from the stove. EVER.

You see how the edges get crispy...the trick is to let your vegetable oil get hot before you drop your batter.

This variety happens to be pear pancakes. Pears cooked with cinnamon and sugar, then frozen, and thawed to add to my 'cakes. Damn good.

A bit of sad news though...Erik doesn't like pancakes all that much. He doesn't get that from me. I love me some good flapjacks. Plain, corn, pear, apple, blueberry...the list goes on. I wonder if I can duplicate that Pannekoeken (Pan-a-kook-en...Dutch for pancake)? Now there's an idea....heh! (I'm not running though!)
That's all the education for today folks!

Happy Monday to you...Here's to a productive week!



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Anonymous said...

You guys decide to get rid of the turtle let me know. We have two box turtles already that are the size of my hand. He would be a good addition to the the kids have already seen him. Just an idea